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Real Help & Support from leading crypto experts

Beware of crypto scams

As the world of blockchain grows, crypto currencies are booming and many people are exposing themselves to scams. Read below for a guide on how to stay safe in the crypto space.

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Access real expert support staff that you can actually call and speak too. If you've been scammed we offer help and guidance too. CTC have a partnership with Hustle Hard and provide real crypto help and support here in the Montréal.

Crypto Trading Courses

Crypto is ever changing and moving, alongside its volatility this lures many into crypto in the hope of making huge gains of profits. Understanding the trading risks is very important and something we guide you.

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Crypto Trading Course in the Montréal

Real Montréal Based Crypto Support and Education

CTC is a partner with Hustle Hard Group. Access expert crypto help and support. CTC can guide you on numerous subjects of crypto, we guide people how to safely move their crypto's and help crypto scam victims of fraud. Our dedicated support staff at Hustle Hard offer one to one crypto help and can help you with everything to do with crypto and trading. From setting up your first crypto wallet to staking and farming. Crypto currencies such as Dogecoin have helped make people serious gains but a vast amount of individuals have lost money in Dogecoin too. That's because people were buying the hype when the price had already rose up by over 500%. Crypto trading course for the general public and businesses. Everyone is constantly trying to find the next biggest crypto coin to invest in and quite frankly this opens doors to crypto scams. Having a crypto trading advisor by your side is very important in the world of crypto investing, you can quite easily loose your money forever if you're not careful enough. A lack of knowledge in crypto can also expose one to risk by being scammed by crypto companies and fake accounts. The trading world comes with risk and understanding leverage, trading crypto should come with skill patience. 

Here's a list of topics we provide expert guidance and support on:

Moving crypto currency from one exchange to another wallet

Storing your crypto offline on a hardware storage wallet such as a Ledger

Help crypto scam victims recover funds

Guidance on which crypto currencies and coins to buy

Help with staking your crypto and earning passive money

Full one to one crypto trading course

Guidance on leverage and margin crypto trading

Setting up your first crypto wallet support

Real crypto help from expert

Guidance on storing and holding your crypto on exchanges

Crypto fraud scam help

Making your own crypto coin on the blockchain