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Crypto Currency Help from leading industry experts in Windhoek

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You need to learn crypto before investing or trading it. Without the basic understanding of how crypto works you’re exposing yourself and your money to risk. Crypto currency is very volatile and the market can move up and down aggressively.

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If you’ve been scammed or involved with companies that you have sent your crypto, we can help and assist with these things too. People who don’t learn crypto are very vulnerable to crypto scams and fraud. 

Crypto Help in Windhoek

We assist with helping you setup your crypto wallet securely and also help with moving crypto from one wallet to another. We offer support for staking, margin crypto trading and much more.

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On-going support is a must in every crypto education program
There’s a lot to learn when it comes to crypto and ensuring you have the a trusted source who can guide you through the process. Many people get scammed when entering the world of crypto and this is usually down to a lack of education and greed. Here’s some tips that can keep you safe in the world of crypto: Never send your crypto to anyone Don’t fall for scams that help you double your crypto Never get involved in ponzi schemes offered by company If your in doubt, check with someone who knows Once crypto is sent, it cannot be retrieved Use a regulated crypto broker Invest in a hardware wallet and keep your crypto offline Never reveal your password key phrases to anyone Setup 2FA and SMS authenticator on your wallet Never buy crypto coins you have no knowledge about Most crypto wallets and companies offer their own crypto help and support. However it can be very confusing, especially when you’re all new to the game. Also these companies Coinbase, Binance don’t offer telephone support to their customer either.
This is why CTC are leading in the world of crypto help and support. We will never ask you to send us crypto, bitcoin or cash and you should always be wary of companies and people who ask you to do so. People get stuck with pressure and force and you should never get involved in such groups. The most common way people loose money in crypto is buying at wrong times and also investing in scam coins. Scam coins are crypto currencies which come out of no where and usually don’t have any team or real use purposes in the world of blockchain and crypto currencies. We also see many people these day’s who invest all their money into one crypto coin in the hope it will make them rich, this is the most common way to loose money. When you join CTC we guide you through the process of diversifying your wallet and funds. No members of Hustle Hard or CTC will never ask you to send us money or crypto. Anyone who ask’s you to send crypto will likely result in a crypto scam. We highly recommend you complete our crypto course the few weeks of joining us, this will ensure you fully understand all the basics before investing and dipping into the world of crypto currencies. CTC teach all the basic fundamentals of cryptos and how to keep your self safe and secure. The courses are designed to guide you step by step, alongside real expert support from qualified staff at HustleHard.
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