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Learn Crypto Currency Trading from leading industry experts

Beginner & Experienced

If you're new to trading crypto or experienced, we have students from a wide range of levels which we help daily. The program is designed to ensure you receive the highest level of support.

Ask a Expert

You can ask an expert anything you want to do with crypto. This platform gives you access to over 32+ crypto specialists who are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Crypto on-going Support

You won't learn crypto in a day, hence our courses are all virtual and online. So you can access and learn at your own pace. With learning comes support and this is what we do.

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Crypto Trading Courses

On-going support is a must in any education course

At CTC we believe in providing on going support services to our members. 94% of our students remain with us for years as we continue to provide support on all areas of crypto. As the world of crypto evolves and adapts, it's very important to understand the market and how it works. The crypto market is a volatile one and when trading crypto you need to understand risk management and technicals. CTC courses are very straight forward and arm you with all the knowledge to get started and start trading using. a demo account. There are various methods you can use when trading crypto, the most common is using the MetaTrader 4 app. You can trade using leverage on an exchange such as Binance and you can also CFD trade crypto currencies too. Any crypto currency course should offer on-going support, as the learning curve is on-going, hence at CTC we offer all the support one needs when learning how to trade crypto. All our educators have 5+ years of experience in this field and are armed with all the knowledge one seeks. 

You may heard of crazy crypto gains and this is real, certain crypto coins move over 1000% in a single day. This high rate of return on investment lures a lot of people into the world of crypto currencies. However many tend to loose and that's because they lack the basic trading knowledge they need in order to succeed. Learning about leverage, risk management, fundamentals, indicators and how to enter and exit the market. These are few of things we teach here at CTC. The most important factor when day trading crypto is mindset and this means controlling your greed and risk. Join today an find out how to exactly get trading crypto using our crypto currency courses and expert support staff on hand 24/7.

Here's a list of areas where we provide crypto trading courses around the UK.